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Feedback 2016

At the outset, I wish to extend my heartiest congratulations to you for the successful organising of the World Education Congress. It was very well attended.

I am glad to be able to participate in the Congress, and enjoyed it very much.

Dr. R. Subramaniam
Associate Professor
National Institute of Education
Nanyang Technological University
It is a great pleasure for me to be part of the just concluded World Education Congress and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be one of the speakers.

Prof. Mohamed Monier El-Toukhy
University of Modern Sciences
It was indeed an honour and a privilege to meet you and participate in the World Education Congress. Your energy and dynamism are indeed inspirational.

Paul Gagnon
Director, E-Learning/IT Systems and Services
Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
Please accept my congratulations and appreciation for all your efforts in hosting the congress.

Kartik Bhatnagar
CKO / Head - Knowledge Management
Bank Muscat
Through the medium of this email I would like to convey my sincere thanks to you and your entire organization for inviting me to witness the World Education Congress 2016 at Taj Lands End, Mumbai on 23rd June 2016.

It is been a pleasure for me to attend the event and meeting the august gathering present there. Entire event was very well coordinated and meticulously planned. Expert speakers from industry and academia were very amiable. They all were very cooperative and were full of innovation and experience. I really enjoyed meeting you all. In future also I would look forward to have similar session with you and your team.

I would also like to take privilege to welcome you and your team at Amity for various engagements. Also, if you have some ideas and suggestion to make which would help us to have sturdier relations with you than please feel free to drop me an email.

I again express my heartfelt gratitude for bestowing us with an opportunity to this memorable event. I heartily congratulate you for the success of this event.

I am always available at any point of time to provide my services to you and your esteemed organization on behalf of Amity.

Dr. Ajay Rana
Advisor & Director
Amity Group
It was a great honour and pleasure to be part of World Education Congress on 23rd June at Taj Lands End.

I will be proud to be associated with World Education Congress in any capacity. The entire event was very well planned and organised. I also appreciate your energy level, hospitality and enthusiasm during the entire event.

Dr. Seema Tatwawadi
Amity Global Business School Mumbai
Thanks for the invitation to be recognized at the World Education Congress and the opportunity to Chair a discussion panel, I enjoyed being at the ceremony and learned a lot and, made new friends. This was a n exciting opportunity for me.

Dr. Abood Al Sawafi
Vice Chancellor
A'sharqiyah University
I must congratulate you first for hosting such a wonderful event and actually cannot thank you enough for making me a part of the WEC 2016. We look forward to participate and contribute in a bigger way soon.

Dr. (Prof.) Rakesh Premi
Dr. Gaur Hari Singhania Institute of Management & Research, Kanpur
In fact it has been a great experience to see so many academician assembling under one roof.

The organising the Congress is special also because it is for the first time someone has taken a lead and acknowledged the work done by the teachers and the academicians who contribute as leaders in their institutions.

Let me congratulate you for the noble idea. All in the society have to understand that without support of our teachers none of us would have been there where we are today. Thank You again

I. K. Bhat
Malaviya National Institute of Technology
Firstly thank you very much for your wonderful hosting of the various conferences and award ceremonies held at The Taj, Lands End.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and your colleagues at the conference and also enjoyed meeting the other speakers and presenters at the KM conference and awards. It was a very a very unique and wonderful experience.

I have not been back to India for many years and it has been enthralling being here again and to remember the colour and friendliness of the Indian people, and to enjoy your wonderful food and hospitality.

Dr. Helen Paige
Founder and Principal
The Paige Group
Congratulations for hosting such a gala event. It was informative as well as very professionally organized. You were of course the soul of the program leading both from the front and managing the back.

Dr. Vikrant Shastri
Uttam Group of Institutions
It was indeed a great pleasure to attend Global Knowledge Management Congress last week !

I really enjoyed all speaker slots and enhanced my knowledge as well. It was meticulously arranged program. Thanx for your effort !

Rajal Chattopadhyay
VP & Global Head – Global Portfolio & Knowledge Management
Atos Global Consulting & Systems Integration