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Role Players 2024

Murat Okal

Director of Educational Technology
Head of Computer Science Department
STEM & Robotics

Murat OKAL is the Director of Educational Technology at Nün Academy in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. With a strong background in computer engineering and a passion for innovation, Murat leads the use of advanced technologies in education.

Murat has a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Derby, an MSc in Computer Engineering, and Bachelor's degrees in Systems Engineering and Aviation Management. He began his career in the Turkish Land Forces, where he served as a pilot for six years. Murat is a versatile professional, holding several important roles including Head of the Computer Science Department, CAS Coordinator, and AP&SAT Coordinator. He teaches computer science, robotics, and STEM education, using his extensive knowledge to create engaging learning environments.
Murat's wide-ranging skills and strong commitment to improving education through technology make him a key figure in developing future innovators. His passion for innovation and robotics education drives him to inspire and empower the next generation of tech leaders.