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• Learning and Teaching Methodologies
• Training, Evaluation and Assessment
• Emerging Technologies in Education. Touch and Multisensory Technologies
• E-learning and Methodologies applied to Education and Research.
• Maximizing Performance with Learning Technologies
• Bridging the Development Gap Through Innovative eLearning Environments
• Challenges of e-learning Implementation


• Academics
• Researchers
• Lifelong learning educators
• Technical staff
• Secondary, vocational, or tertiary educators
• Professionals from the private and public sector
• Technologists and Scientifics
• School counsellors, principals and teachers
• Education policy development representatives
• General personnel from vocational sectors
• Student counsellors
• Career/employment officers
• Education advisers
• Student Unions
• Bridging program lecturers & support staff
• Library personnel
• International support and services staff
• Open learning specialists

...and any person interested in Education and New Learning Technologies.

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