Employer's Beware
        Tejal Navale
Tejal Navale

Tejal Navale has robbed the office material like CDs, Files from the organisation. She has defrauded our Organization. Any one dealing With her will do so at his own Risk. Attempt to reach her proved futile.

Chiranjiv Mulick

This is to state Chiranjiv Mulick joined Fun and Joy at Work on 01st October 2015. He walked out of the job without giving any notice on 10th August 2016. Mr. Mulick took a loan against salary of INR 17,500. He promised to return the monies but did not return the monies. During his tenure, Mr. Mulick took unauthorised leave of 7.5 Days; He did not achieve his targets.

Mr.Shiwa Shankar Rajendra Singh

That Mr. Shiwa Shankar Rajendra Singh joined our organisation after negotiation and left in 2 days.
He carried with him our CDs + materials. Attempt to reach him proved futile.

Please be aware before hiring him.
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